Welcome to Ella Nature View

Ella is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Sri Lanka because of its climate and the scenic beauty of nature. Ella Gap, Ravana waterfall and cave, Little Adam’s Peak are some of attractions in Ella. Not only that, you can have the experience of nature trails, hiking and trekking through the tea plantation and the mountain range.

Ella Nature View is a well-known traveler’s stop in Ella because of many reasons. The panoramic mountain view of Ella Rock is the most interesting sight you going to have here. It’s unbelievable and it could be the most beautiful thing you going to experience in your vacation in Sri Lanka.
We are located just 1.5 km from ella junction along the kithal ella road.

We have the most luxurious accommodation with all the facilities and restaurant which provides local cuisines as well as the international favorites with the view of mountain range in the outdoor sun deck. We also doing tours and provides transportation facilities which suitable for you to make your vacation a perfect one.
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